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From a basic bikini to completely bare, we will customise your bikini style to exactly what you want.

Popular Bikini Styles:

    • Basic Bikini (just the sides)

    • Californian Bikini (sides and lower abdomen)

    • Thong Bikini (same as Californian – includes bum area)

    • Brazilian Bikini (just a landing strip left)

    • Hollywood Bikini (totally bare)



If you are embarrassed about excess underarm hair, shaving daily isn’t enough.

Are you tired of:

    • Never wearing sleeveless tops even in hot weather

    • Avoiding equipment in the gym if you have to raise your arms to use it

    • Over shaving your underarms leaving your skin sore and irritated

    • Using messy hair removal cream that does not fully remove all your hair

    • Epilating only to be covered in ingrown hairs a week later


With visible results from your very first session, laser hair removal is the best option to allow you to carry on with life without worry of always having to prepare to go out in public.

Imagine hair free legs and being able to:

  • Wear shorts or skirts whenever you like

  • Apply that flawless fake tan

  • Avoid painful ingrown hairs and shaving rash

  • Enjoy vacations without having to wax or shave

  • Enjoy training or sports without having to prepare in advance



Dealing with facial hair can have a major impact on your self confidence. At The Laser Clinic you are not alone. We treat many people just like you and focus on delivering life changing results with every laser treatment session. 

Do you find yourself:

  • Avoiding makeup counters in stores at all costs

  • Getting up early to shave to try and remove your hair before your partner gets up

  • Having to bleach the hairs which leaves your skin constantly irritated for days

  • Constantly checking and rechecking in every mirror you can find to look for rogue hairs


Laser hair removal is effective on almost all areas of the body. We do require the hair to have some brown or black pigment, although this is assessed at your one to one, personalised consultation, with one of our laser specialists.

Popular Treatment Areas:

  • Abdomen, chest and nipples

  • Lower back and buttocks

  • Full legs, bikini line and underarms

  • Full face, jawline and neck

  • Lower arms and hands

If there are multiple areas you wish to have treated it is best to have them all done together as we can offer you the best saving on your treatment cost this way. We can also closely monitor all your treatment areas together ensuring you get the best overall results from your laser treatments.

We can tailor areas to suit you so book a free consultation to chat through any areas you’d like to see smooth.



Tired of painful ingrown hairs on your neck from shaving, dealing with unwanted hair on your back, chest or shoulders? We customise all our treatments for male clients to ensure that you notice the results from your very first session.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits:

  • Reduction in ingrown hairs and spots

  • Smooth clear skin

  • No more shaving rash

  • Easy to maintain results

  • Look and feel good all the time

Popular Treatment Areas:

  • Back and Shoulders

  • Chest and Abdomen

  • Front of Neck and Face

  • Manzillian (Genital areas)

  • Legs and Underarms

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